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  • First, I made this one: Lord of the Flies Chapter 1 Wordle (Word Cloud)… and then, randomizing created this one! LOTF Chapter 1 as the Island I asked the students to circle/highlight all terms relating to setting in the first Wordle, then to similarly identify all terms relating to character in the second.
  • …LOTF - the Last Chapter, in Wordle: LOTF - The Last Chapter
  • …LOTF - Climax… here, I'm presenting my students with a debate: Is the climax at the point where Jack breaks off and forms his own tribe, Simon confronts the Lord of the Flies, and is killed by the savages? Or, is it when Jack and Ralph fight, and Piggy dies? Lord of the Flies - Climax 1 Lord of the Flies - Climax 2
  • To Kill a Mockingbird. As I was listening to student seminars on topics related to this novel, a class discussion ensued about how the book changed ideas in society about race and racial identity. I showed Eric Stanley's classical rendition of the song "Airplanes" and asked what connections could be made between Harper Lee's creative efforts and a young African American man on youtube in 2010. Please view this clip (turn up the volume!): Eric Stanley.

  • When teaching John Wyndham's novel The Chrysalids, the students are required to complete a series of journals in which they respond to certain prompts about various issues within the text. I use this PowerPoint to help them wrap their minds about the task of journal writing:
  • For Cormac McCarthy's The Road, grade 11 students are required to complete this novel study booklet. The number of questions for each section may be adapted for the discretion of the teacher. One journal is completed after every two sections (chapters). This novel study was developed using the model provided for grade 9 and 10 novel studies, so the format should be familiar to some students. (BTW - I have encouraged my students to submit their work for each section using, and it is a popular option!)
  • 3 quizzes for The Road