Welcome to Our English Specific community.jpgWiki!

Wikispaces is an online Web 2.0 tool meaning it allows people to collaborate on whatever topic they choose to explore. As the creator of this wiki, I can invite people to join, moderate changes, and add content myself. Wikispaces offers free private wikis for teachers that do not contain external advertising. I signed up for this educational wiki using my school board email which verifies that I am an educator, and I had to put a check mark in a box to say that I am in fact using the wiki for educational purposes. When I created the wiki, I made it private so only the people who are invited and who accept are able to view and edit the wiki.

An educational wikispace is a great online, private space that will not be considered a 'blog' by the school board's Websense online security.

Classroom Applications:

  • Have students create wikis collaboratively on a particular subject.
  • Use a wiki all semester as a blog.
  • Use a wiki for students to write their journal responses during a novel study.

This Wordle represents the words most commonly used on this wiki, and the size of the word represents its frequency of use in comparison to all the other words in the image.